Pastors & Staff

James Bergen, Lead Pastor

James originally comes from Vancouver, Canada, but loves life and ministry here in the Valley (even the Fresno heat!). His ministry involves, among other things, leading and overseeing the church’s mission, preaching and teaching, and shepherding and caring for the NFC family. He always enjoys a casual meeting at the local coffee shop. James and his wife Marcy have three children: Audrey, CJ and Carly.

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Loren Dubberke, Associate Pastor

Discipleship and Outreach

Loren spends a lot of his time in the community around the church and helps NFC members form relationships with neighbors. Equipping people for leadership, discipling adults, and resourcing our Social Action Response Team are a large part of Loren’s ministry. Loren also serves as the Executive Director of FACE, a community benefit organization launched by NFC. Loren and his wife Tonia have 3 daughters: Danae, Breanne and Shaye.

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Connie Nicholson, Associate Pastor (photo to come)

Children's Ministry

Connie has recently been added to the pastoral team at NFC. Connie has a wealth of experience in children and adult ministries, and has a passion for helping lead people to follow Jesus where they live, work, and play. Connie is married to Bret and they have three children: Anna, Abigail, and Micah.

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Vanna In, Associate Pastor

Youth Ministry

Vanna has spent most of his career working with at risk youth with Hope Now For Youth and Jobs of Hope. Vanna has a passion for teens and young adults to be grounded in their faith in Jesus and know of His incredible love for them. Vanna is married to Marly and they have three children: Arun, Jeevin, and Thanny.

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Milt Friesen, Associate Pastor

Music and Worship, Classic Service

Milt brings a wealth of experience and passion to our worship and music ministry. Milt is married to Bendta and they have three adult children and three grandchildren.

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Open Position - Associate Pastor

Music and Worship, Contemporary Service

We are currenlty in a search process for our next Music and Worship Pastor for our Contemporary Service.


Rhonda Dueck, Associate Pastor and Micah Project Director

Rhonda is passionate about equipping and developing others. She spends most of her NFC time investing in our Micah Project interns and contributing to the various ministries of NFC and FACE, a community benefit organization launched by NFC. The Micah Project website can be found here. Rhonda is married to Kevin and they have four children: Justin, David, Adam, and Grace.

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Jamie Mack, Discipleship and 2nd Service Music & Worship Coordinator (photo to come)

Jamie gives leadership to our adult ministries including coorindating Life Groups. She is also filling in to give leadership to our Contemporary Worship Serivce. Jamie and her husband Randy have 4 children: Audrey, Isaac, Violet, and Isaiah.

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Marylyn Jones-Wiebe, Office Administrator

MaryLyn anchors our office and is a gifted servant to North Fresno Church and all who come on our campus. MaryLyn and her husband Grant have one daughter, Elizabeth.

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Kelly Kucharski, Hospitality and Kitchen Coordinator

Kelly comes from the Michigan area, and a series of life and God events led her to Fresno and to North Fresno Church. She was a 2015-16 Micah Project intern and is now on staff. She brings a great deal of passion and skill to this area of helping us offer generous hospitality to each other and all those who visit the NFC campus.

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Robert Aguirre, Facilities Administrator (photo to come)

Robert serves at both NFC and Fresno Area Community Enterprises (FACE). He supports our weekly ministries relationally and practically, being an onsite presence and making sure our facilities are ready to go. Robert and his wife Roxanne have three children: Nathan, Mia, and Lia.

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Associate Pastor of Worship & Music Search
Sunday, Sep 16th

NFC is actively seeking candidates for an Associate Pastor of Worship and Music, Contemporary Service.

Wednesday Night Ministries
Wednesday, Sep 19th 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

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Life Groups
Sunday, Sep 16th

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